OKK-150 Piledriver Equipment

OKK-150 type excavator piledriver equipment is designed to be mounted on the excavator ram instead of a bucket. OKK-150 type excavator piledriver equipment is used to drive wooden piles of a diameter up to φ140 mm and length up to 5 m for protective garden structures, as well as to drive steel profiles for photovoltaic systems, crash barriers or to construct bridges. Excavator piledriver equipment can be used with suitable washers to drive other piles (e.g. reinforced concrete piles). In the standard version, equipment includes a VH150 hydraulic hammer.

Hammer operating pressureMPa12
Hammer impact energyJ324
Hammer impacts/min.1/min.700 ÷ 900
Mast strokemm1000
Oil consumptiondm3/min.30
Equipment weightkg280
Excavator weightkg1500 ÷ 4500
Wysokość palamm5000

The equipment guide (1) is fixed to the excavator arm in the bucket mounting point. The guide is equipped with a hydraulic cylinder (4) for extending the retractable mast (2) upwards by 1000 mm. The hydraulic hammer (3) fitted with ram, anvil and pile guide is attached to the mast. The excavator arm must be lifted as high as possible before driving a pile. The hydraulic hammer (3) is equipped with lugs for easier vertical lifting of a pile.