HAS-9 Hydraulic Power Unit

Hydrauliczny Agregat Spalinowy HAS-9


The HAS-9 hydraulic power unit is available in a mobile version with wheels to move at a construction site. It is distinguished by a compact and solid structure with outstanding performance characteristics at small dimensions. 
It is manufactured in a single or double pump version. Equipped with a flow regulator for accurate performance settings. The oil cooler ensures intensive operation.

It is usually applied to supply smaller horizontal drills and hydraulic hammers. Recommended particularly for civil and road works due to its solid structure, a durable Parker hydraulic pump and reliable Robin Subaru or Honda petrol engines.

Technical data

Characteristic parameterUnitParameter value
Unit typeHAS-9
Nominal pressureMPa16/16
Combustion engine (standard)Honda


HAS-9 - dane wymiarowe

Sample equipment compatible with HAS-9 units

Manual hydraulic hammer

Ręczny młotek hydrauliczny

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Index no.CHV0810001
Weight (kg)8
Flow (l/min)26-34
Supply pressure (bar)70-140
Chisel size (Hex)0,58 Round Collar
Holder typeD Handle

Disc cutter

Przecinarka tarczowa

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Index no.COV1014101SCOV10C
Weight (kg)970
Length (mm)530800
Width (mm)280500
Flow (l/min)26-34N/A
Supply pressure (bar)105-140N/A
Disc diameter (mm)355N/A
Cutting depth (mm)125N/A

Immersible pumps for dirty water

Pompa zatapialna do brudnej wody TPV16
Pompa zatapialna do brudnej wody TPV30

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Index no.TPV16801TPV30801
Weight (kg)1430
Length (mm)440485
Width (mm)304380
Flow (l/min)26-3430-40
Supply pressure (bar)105-140105-140
Capacity (l/min)16883000
Impurities (mm)75100
  • Pumping capacity up to 1680 l/min / 3000 l/min
  • Suitable for dry run without any damage, unlike electric or combustion pumps
  • Designed for pumping solid impurities of 75 mm / 100 mm in diameter
  • Self-priming
  • TPV16 pump housing made of polyurethane
  • Strong metal TPV30 pump housing with steel rotor

Horizontal drilling rig for DN1000 wells

Wiertnica pozioma do studni fi 1000
Wiertnica pozioma do studni fi 1000